Groups Ministry


D-Groups are Gender Specific groups consisting of 3-4 in each group. They meet beyond the walls of the church to reach other men and women where they live, work, and play. In D-Groups we help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus through Scripture reading and memorization, we share our wins and losses in life, and pray for each other and for those who need Jesus.

Being a good listener is an important part of building trust in relationships. When we listen intentionally with a desire to understand, we display sincere and selfless love to our sisters in Christ.

When discerning how to share appropriately within, we should consider our motivation in sharing and be prayerful about what is beneficial to bring into the group members.

We are all born with an intrinsic desire to be fully known and fully loved. Practicing confession with one another gives us a tangible reminder of God’s grace and love through biblical community.

In community, we have the opportunity to be sharpened by one another. We learn from each other’s unique strengths that can help us in our own weaknesses as we challenge each other to become more like Jesus.

Establish a Foundation: 

Know Your Story: 

  • Crawl: Restoration or the Heart
  • Walk: Spend a few weeks taking turns sharing your story while the others in the group listen for the 4 stages from Dan Allendar’s video
  • Run: Spend 1 week focused on listening to someone else’s story (not in your group). Report back to the group where the person is in the four stages from Dan Allendar’s video

Share THE Story: 

Strengthen your Foundation: 

Make More Disciples: